During weekdays from 8 to 11, you can drop by the bar at mother to get your coffee. The coffee is our own blend, it is organic and roasted in Copenhagen. We also bake our fresh sourdough buns, bread and chocolate muffins every morning.

Our breakfast deal is coffee + homemade muffin – 40


Our lunch menu consists of classic Italian dishes such as the freshly baked paninis, fried specialties, pizza and pasta - as well as various warm and cold dishes of the day. The lunch selection includes vegetarian and vegan options and it changes according to the season.

Always feel free to give us a call to check up on today’s specials or follow us on instagram to stay tuned.



Prosciutto di Norcia, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, pesto & rucola – 60

Salame, ricotta, marinated red peppers & rucola – 60

Goat’s cheese, butternut squash, pickled red onions, pesto, rucola & confit tomatoes (v) – 60

Homemade organic sausage, garlic, spinach & mustard – 70


Focaccia with fresh oregano, parmesan and garlic – 50

La mozzarella – 50

Prosciutto di ‘bigoncia’  – 65

Burrata (100g) oven dried tomatoes & fresh oregano – 75

Affettati misti – mixed Italian charcuterie & focaccia – 105


Tomato, anchovies, grated parmesan, black olives, oregano

Tomato mozzarella, fresh basil 

Tomato, mozzarella, salame, mascarpone 

Cherry tomatoes, rucola & burrata 

Tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto di Norcia, rucola, basil pesto

Tomato, mozzarella, organic sausage and porcini 


Tiramisu – 50

Affogato al caffe – 50

Calzone ricotta e nutella – 50


mother is a pizzeria and our core product is our organic sourdough pizza made with seawater for the taste and the water’s health benefits. The mother pizza is our own style. You can call it a cross between Roman, Napolitan and Salernitan style. We do comfort food, which we believe should be for everyone at basically any time of the day, or when you need to be comforted. To that we have a nice selection of traditional starters, snacks, desserts as well as our changing menu with pasta, meat and vegetarian dishes and regional specialties.

We also do special menus for high seasons such as Christmas and Easter – all of which are available for catering.

Pane e’ Olio – 40
Homemade sourdough bread, extra virgin oil and flaked salt

Classic Bruschetta – 40
A slice of sourdough bread, with vine tomatoes, basil and a hint of garlic

Suppli “al telefono” – 65 

Deep fried beef ragu risotto balls, with a heart of mozzarella

Baccalá Fritto – 65
Cod that gets preserved in salt. In the classic Roman tradition, it gets battered, and then deep fried

Classic Focaccia
Small – 45    Normal – 60

Mozzarella – 65
From Danish Jersey cows organic milk with vine tomatoes and basil

Burrata – 65
From Danish Jersey cows organic milk with sunblushed tomatoes and fresh oregano

Parmigiano Reggiano – 65
24 Mesi DOP

Arrosticini Abruzzesi – 90
Grilled small lamb skewers, typical of the Abruzzo Region

Prosciutto di Cornicchia – 65

Typical Umbrian “Parma Ham”

Prosciutto di Bigoncia – 85
Typical Tuscan “Parma Ham”

Culatello di Zibello DOP – 105

Is “il re dei salumi” (King of cold cuts)

Antipasto Misto – 115

Our roasted and pickled vegetables, mixed cold cuts, fresh organic ricotta

Affettati Misti di Cornicchia – 115

Prosciutto di Norcia, salame, salsiccia secca (dry sausage), capocollo (air dried pig neck), ciauscolo morbido di Murcia, and N’duja di Spiliga

Melanzane sott’ olio – 65

Grilled aubergines “marinated” in oil and herbs

Zucchine sott’ olio – 65

Grilled courgettes “marinated” in oil and herbs

Giardiniera – 45

Lightly pickled fennel, carrots, cauliflower and celeriac

Organic Sourdough  and Seawater Pizzas

Marinara – 85
Tomato, fresh oregano, basil, a sprinkle of parmesan, black olives and anchovies

Margherita – 95
Tomato, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil

Salamina – 115
Tomato, mozzarella, salame and mascarpone

Carminuccio – 120
Tomato, fresh oregano and basil, Prosciutto di bigoncia, Parmesan and Pecorino Romano

Capricciosa – 140
Tomato, mozzarella, ham, artichokes, champignon and  fried egg

Cinque Formaggi – 130
Mozzarella, gorgonzola, provola affumicata Pecorino and Parmigiano

Prosciutto – 130
Tomato, mozzarella, rucola, cherry tomatoes Prosciutto di Norcia and pesto

Massimo – 135
Mozzarella, roasted potatoes, organic sausage and pesto.

Vegetarian – 140
Tomato, mozzarella, veggie, veggie, veggie, and balsamic reduction

Porcella – 155
Tomato, mozarella, confit Porcini mushrooms, mother organic sausage and parsley

‘N duja – 140
Tomato, mozzarella, Gorgonzola and “Nduja di Spiliga”

Pepperoni & Peperoni – 155
Tomato, mozzarella, scarmorza affumicata (smoked cheese), roast peppers, spicy salame di cornicchia and parsley

Tonnata – 135
Tomato, mozzarella, sautéed onions, tuna, chives, and three drops of lemon

Vegana (Ask the waiter for options)

Dolci – 60
Pannacotta (shot 35,-)
Calzone (Ricotta Nutella)

beverages & cocktails

Our Cocktail Menu is short and precise. It is based primarily on classic Italian spirits including Vermouth, Frangelico, and Amaretto, and we believe we can be seen as pioneers when it comes to introducing some of the Venetian spritzes such as Aperol and Campari – drinks that we have been proposing since the beginning in 2010. Our organic juices come from our Danish friend, Anton and they carry his name. Moreover, we proudly have a true Danish and much celebrated classic soft drink, The Faxe Kondi on the card, just as we believe that Coca Cola should only come out with a small glass bottle! And do you know that San Pellegrino does the best aranciata? Naturally, our list of soft drinks should be at least as exciting as our drinks-and wine card!

mother also brews mother IPA, mother pilsner, and mother classic in Fyn. We also produce our own mother wine: mother White & mother Red, two of our absolute bestsellers!


Mother Pilsner 33cl draught – 50
Light color with a hint of honey, pine tree, and lavender

Mother IPA  33cl draught – 50
Hoppy but nicely balanced IPA 

Mother Classic 33cl draught – 50
Deep amber color, nutty malt, classic yet flowery aroma 

Menabrea Bionda 33cl bottle – 50
Pilsner well balanced between citrus and floral, fruity undertones 

Menabrea Ambrata 33cl bottle – 50
Full-bodied and well rounded, with a moderately bitter flavor 


Campari topped with white wine, a splash of soda water, chilled with ice 

Aperol Spritz70
Prosecco topped with aperol and soda water, chilled with ice 

Gin, Campari, and vermouth 


Strawberry puree and strawberry liqueur, topped with Prosecco 

Amaretto sour75
Amaretto with fresh lemon and lime juice, egg white, and Gomme

Espresso Martini75
Vanilla vodka, Frangelico hazelnut liqueur, a shot of espresso 


Elusia, Prosecco Bio Extra Dry DOC Treviso 11,5% (Organic, no vintage) – 75/250                            Organic sparkling wine made from glera grapes with a clean, pleasantly fruity bouquet, reminiscent of pear and acacia flowers. Its flavour is rounded and well-balanced. 

Venturini Baldini, Cadelvento Lambrusco Rose DOC Reggiano. (Organic, no vintage) 95/280
Lambrusco in the varieties of Sorbara and Grasparossa, Cadelvento bouquet is fragrant and long lasting, It recalls the Rosa Canina snd the rip plum fragrance, It has a dry body, it’s mellow, fragrant, tasty and clean.


mother wine Bianco #2, 2018, 100% Grillo, organic certificate, ( Sicily Region ) 65/205
A distinct, characterful bouquet of jasmine. the palate has hints of citrus and tropical fruits balanced and harmonious with an excellent balancing acidity 

Pecorino DOP, 2017, 100% pecorino, Pasettti Abruzzo 75/235
Unusual and lovely grape with lively acidity, minerality and a touch of anise 

Ca Liptra, Arancio (Natural), 2018 13,50%    85/250
Pure Trebbiano, indigenous yeast. A long maceration on the skins fades t orange. Aged for eight months in stainless steel on fine lees.


Rosato IGT Marche, 2018, 13% ( Tenuta di Tagvignano ) – 75/220
Light pink color mandarin peel reflections, which reveals aromas of peach flowers and white currant 

Dei Princpi di Spadafora, Don Pietro Rosato. (Organic) 2017, 13%   95/260
Light pink color mandarin peel reflections, which reveals aromas of peach flowers and white currant 

Dalis Rosé, 2017, 12%, (Endrizzi) – 75/230
Intense and persistent aroma, with notes of elderflowers, strawberries, raspberry, and tomato leaves 


mother Wine IGT, 2016, Negromaro Primitivo, Rosetti, Puglia 65/205
Juicy drinkable blend of pugliese varietals

Sagrantino di Montefalco 2008, (Umbria Region) – 445
The big daddy, now mature and drinking really well 

Primitivo Passonovo, 13,5% (Puglia Region) – 75/220
Intense ruby red colors, generous bouquet with fruity aromas of blackberries, sour cherries and plum 

Freghino, 2016, 13%, Natural – 75/220
Well balanced and medium bodied wine, raspberry and wild strawberry notes 


Grappa Nebbiolo – 65
Grappa Vecchia – aged in oak – 85
Sambuca, Fernet Branca, Averna, Montenegro – 65
Brandy – vecchia romagna – 65
Limoncello – 50


Russian standard 25ml – 30
Johnnie walker 25ml – 30
Plymouth 25ml – 30
Appelton estate VX 25ml – 30

MIXERS (only as a mixer)

Soda water – 20
Fever-tree tonic – 25
Coke/zero – 30
Orange – 25


mother has served its lavishly and almost cult-like brunch since the restaurant opened its doors 10 years ago. mother’s brunch is a help-yourself experience in line with the brand’s values, just as how a mother would make it. We aim it to be as organic and sustainable as possible thus we always prefer to make the products homemade, and you will find a lot of these in our brunch spread.

We prepare fresh specialties and appetizing salads, prosciutto, marinated grilled vegetables, Parmigiana Reggiani DOP aged 24 months, locally produced organic cheeses such as mozzarella, ricotta, burrata, yoghurt, homemade granola and muffins, fresh fruit and much more. To that, you can naturally add a never ending stream of organic sourdough pizzas made with saltwater coming from our burning charcoal oven. And if that wasn’t enough, throughout the brunch we serve warm pasta dishes and scrambled eggs at your table.

We serve our brunch every Saturday, Sunday and during public holidays from 11am – 3pm.

Adults: DKK 175 per person
Children: DKK 85 per person (children under the age of 12)
Smaller children: DKK 60 per person

aperitivo alla milanese

Aperivito alla Milanese is an Italian pre-dinner aperitif served with some traditional snacks and dishes. At mother and mother wine, the team cooks dishes and specialties they have grown up with in the respective areas of Italy that they come from in our open kitchen, including our signature sourdough pizzas. All while you can enjoy a nice glass of wine. The selection includes many vegetarian options.  

Aperitivo alla Milanese is served at mother restaurant every Friday between 5 pm – 6 pm and at mother wine serves ‘Apero’ dinner every Thursday – Saturday from 5 pm – 9 pm.

DKK 125 incl. A drink at mother & DKK 125 for the food only at mother wine (The price is DKK 150 on mother wine)

Upcoming events

Sicilian wine tasting
at mother wine
Gammel Mønt 33, 1117 Kbh K
swinging brunch
Every Saturday & Sunday throughout the year, our (almost legendary) Italian-style brunch is on from 11am to 3pm.
See you there!
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aperitivo alla milanese
The team cooks dishes and specialties they have grown up with in the respective areas of Italy that they come from in our open kitchen, including our signature sourdough pizzas. All while you can enjoy a nice glass of wine. The selection includes many vegetarian options.
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