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mother is natural.

At mother wine and mother we are very passionate about natural and organic wines. We respect them for their purity and we appreciate the relationship between the producer, his grapes and land. Moreover, we wish with our wine selection to challenge “the usual suspect” by showcasing the richness of grapes and blends that are unique to Italy. Because we believe that to limit Italian wine to Amarone, Barolo, Brunello is just not right - nor fun enough! Even though we do also like a good, classic Tuscan red, so which is why you’ll find both on our shelves.

Just like with our food, we aim to offer genuine quality at a sensible price point by working directly with selected producers and indigenous grape varieties. Thus we also produce our own mother wine: mother White & mother Red, two of our absolute bestsellers!

mother Red & White are two high quality house wines produced in Puglia in collaboration with a small vineyard near the border of Manduria, where Primitivo is found. We are incredibly proud of these wines due to their high value, quality and taste. And that’s the thing about Italian wine, you can get incredibly good products made with the highest expertise for a very reasonable price, and that makes room for creativity.

The mother Red is made from two grape varieties, containing 80% Negroamaro and 20% Primitivo. The grapes are harvested and sorted by hand, after which dry ice is placed on top of the boxes where the grapes are kept, in order to maintain their cool and prevent spontaneous fermentation.

The mother White is a 100% organic Grillo from Sicily, which gives it a distinct, characterful bouquet. The palate is mouth-filling with its excellent balancing acidity and hints of citrus and tropical fruits. This wine bottle is ideally drunk chilled, on its own and is a great match with all seafood, vegetable dishes, grilled vegetables and salads.

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mother Beer

Our first mother beer was brewed in Børnholm, our latest three new beers, respectively an IPA, a Pilsner and a classic are based on our wild sourdough yeast - the same that gives mother pizzas their characteristic sourdough tang we have developed together with niche brewery CoolLab in Munkedbo in Fyn and led by award-winning Brewer & Owner, Claus Chsitensen.

The mother IPA is a light hoppy, aromatic beer. The mother Ale yeast gives its natural notes of citrus and pineapple in addition to powerful hops such as Amarillo, Cascade, Citra and Simcoe. These hops, are giving aroma of instense fruit (citrus,melon, and stone fruits), floral and tropical notes, goes in perfect harmony to this uniques yeast. It is an IPA that complements the taste of the sourdough’s mix of lactic bacteria and yeast. The bitterness from the IPA gives a good balance to clean the palate when having a pizza with dry cured meats, however it fits nicely also with a fatty fish.

The mother pilsner is an American inspired craft pilsner brewed with American hops such as citra and Amarillo, honey and lavender. The hops have been carefully selected to the balance out the bitterness and depth of the malt. the yeast of the mother Lager contributes with light, soft notes of flowers and citrus coming from the use of lavender, as well as sweetness from the honey.

The mother classic, a classic lager brewed in-Munich, Biscuit, and Chocolate malt. The beer has a beautiful dark colour and low bitterness with a slightly fruity background from brewing with the mother lager yeast. The mother lager yeast gives notes of citrus and pineapple and contributes lightly soft to notes of Chocolate malt.

mother & The Seawater

Back in 2017, mother restaurant introduced a new healthier and tastier way of making pizza dough by using purified seawater, instead of the traditional salt and water. The use of seawater in cooking is a custom that has been practiced in Mediterranean coastal villages for centuries, and espoused particularly for seafood. At mother, we decided to start researching more into the benefits of the mineral water to see what it could bring to our products and kitchen. The result was impressive.

“Using micro-filtered seawater with all of the natural occurring minerals and trace minerals is a way, to season food and obtain a more intense and natural flavor, while using less sodium chloride, hence lowering your salt intake, whilst boosting our consumption of these said trace minerals onto our system. This facilitates the digestion of your meals as well as activates your metabolism,” says Biffani and adds “Baking with the use of seawater gives the dough a delicate and springy texture and make our sourdough tastier, lighter and are even easier to digest.”

Ever since, we have been using seawater instead of regular water and salt in our sourdough as well as we are seasoning vegetables and other dishes, that needs an extra splash to highlight the original flavour of the ingredients. mother restaurant partners with Mediterranea - a leading producer of purified seawater for human consumption for the seawater to the restaurant.

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