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People say that Italian food is all about an ingenious use of really good ingredients, and we try to keep to that sentiment. David is Roman and is passionate about what is correct and what is not, and we all bow to him on this. Authentic Carbonara, with guanciale, not bacon. And who mentioned cream?! The right temperature for Porchetta? Lukewarm apparently. White lasagne?? He puts us straight.

Every morning begins by firing up the oven with fresh wood to roast vegetables for the antipasti and to cook our daily specials. A couple of rustic all-in-one dishes that are made, devoured, and gone. Our idea is to stick to restaurant basics. Simple, direct, homey food, cooked with love.

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That was the starting point. Gathering around the fire, cooking with it, sharing, feeling whatever relight makes you feel when you see it through the woods.
Making fire the essential element of our kitchen (we naturally o offer much more than that) they immediately thought of marring the pizza – the Napolitan sourdough pizza also called “mother dough”.

From this we can explain Nick & David’s “everything is home-made”- approach, “obsessive” research for primary ecological ingredients and the e efforts that they put into finding, negotiating, transporting and, eventually, transforming directly sourced ingredients. Or when we do not find the ingredients of the right quality, we produce them ourselves – for instance did you try our burrata and mozzarella made of local ecological milk?

Since September 2016 our pizzas have been made with seawater, which – due to its high mineral content – is an even tastier and healthier way to cook and bake than with the use of normal water and salt.

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The style is from Naples- arguably the benchmark for all pizza – a thin base with a puffed-up pillowy edge, blistered from the intense heat of the wood-fired oven. The centre remains a little soft. The Neapolitan way of eating a slice into fold or roll it.

The dough is based on a leaven of natural yeasts which gives it several benefits; a long proving time develops complexity of flavour, the gluten in the wheat is broken down to make a much more digestible and appetising pizza, and the crust itself has a characteristic sourdough tang and a chewy quality that is very moreish. Later in the day we intensify the heat for cooking Mother’s sourdough pizzas. The sourdough is a creature, something wild. You don’t own it you think you might but actually it owns you.Think about having a leopard as a pet. And that is our Mother.

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Mother restaurants wine list is unique, kind of a micro-list really, using only a handful of high quality italian producers that we know personally. Importing direct means the quality level is very high with exceptional value because we have no middle man.



Bucatini with amatriciana sauce @mother_cph #italianfood #goodfoodforeveryone #motherdemocratizegoodfood #motherrestaurant #dishoftheday #kødbyen #cph #denmark
Salad of roasted cauliflower and roasted cherry tomato, lemon, chili and green olives, red onion, anchovies and salsa verde @mother_cph #italianfood #goodfoodforeveryone #motherdemocratizegoodfood #kødbyen #saladoftheday #denmark #motherrestaurant #mother_cph #cph
Potato & leek soup served with thin sliced bread, chives & olive oil @mother_cph #italianfood #goodfoodforeveryone #motherdemocratizegoodfood #vegetariandishoftheday #cph #kødbyen #motherrestaurant #mother_cph
Baked aubergine filled with chickpea salad @mother_cph #italianfood #goodfoodforeveryone #motherdemocratizegoodfood #motherrestaurant #vegetariandishoftheday #kødbyen #cph #denmark #mother_cph
Salad of green beans, boiled potato, cherry tomato, homemade pesto & boiled egg @mother_cph #italianfood #goodfoodforeveryone #motherdemocratizegoodfood #saladoftheday #kødbyen #denmark #motherrestaurant #mother_cph #cph
Thank you for your visit, your positive words and recommendations @pernille.thyrring 💛 it was a pleasure to have you and talk seawater, sourdough culture, ecology and the mother values - soon again hopefully 🔥#pizzamadewithseawater #sourdoughpizza #motherrestaurant #themotherfamily #rg #Pernille.thyrring
Pasta tagliatelle with chantenele and dry porcini mushrooms and chili @mother_cph #italianfood #goodfoodforeveryone #motherdemocratizegoodfood #vegetatiandish #kødbyen #cph #denmark #mother_cph