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Natural Wine from a sicilian and from a spanish vigneron. Sicilian nero d’avola with spanish tempranillo. Both grapes cultivated in sicily. Not filtred and You see the different. Indigenous yeasts. Different taste. Mineral and erbs. Very persistent. Incredible balance. A very good relation quality/price. Wonderful young colour. Two years of barriques are not so present.

Food Pairing: great wine with pair italian anitpasti, salami, Iberico ham, cured spanish and italian cheeses, paella and pasta. Red Meats.


Tempranillo variety is considered the typical variety of the area of La Rioja,northern SpainIts name means “early”. That’s because Tempranillo grapes mature early. Even in Sicilydespite the difference in “terroir”, Tempranillo could matures a month earlier than varieties like Nero d’Avola.

Tempranillo is frost-tolerant. It suffer warm winds of spring.

Grapes: Nero D´avola, Tempranillo
Winery: Badalucco
Origin: Sicily
Vol: 13,5%
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