Taurasi Aglianico 2007

250,00 DKK

Taurasi has a milky mouthfeel and a nice level of acidity, it’s surprisingly fresh with pronounced tannin and fruit. Slightly closed right after opening but opens up and develops.

The aromas are nicely warm and familiar, of aged port, marinated raisins, dark berries, chocolate and nice, round oak. On the tongue there’s the citrusy notes of mandarines, vanilla from the oak and some black pepper.


Southern italian food is simple – but oh so full of flavor. pasta is in central in the campagnian diet, so pair the rasott with a pasta dish with a roman pasta made with sauce of braised ox tail, tomatoes, raisins and chocolate.
Boccella don’t use cultured yeasts, and the taurasi is oaked for 18 months.
Boccella believe in the harmony of nature. their wines are organic and made without the use of pestacides, herbacides or cultured yeasts.

Grapes: Aglianico
Winery: Boccella
Origin: Campania
Vol: 14,5%
Cl: 75
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