Syrah 2015

130,00 DKK

One of the important region who’s making amazing Syrah. Persistent, red ruby, soft medium tannins and red wild berries. Mature cherries in the aftertaste.


The winery of Spadafora is situated in Sicily, on the western coast. The winery is owned by the Spadafora family, an old noble Sicilian family that can be traced back to 1230. The family company was founded by Don Pietro dei Principi di Spadafora and at that point the company was concerned with farming.

The history of the Spdafora winery began around 20 years ago. In the summer of 1988 it was decided that it would be better to explore another field and winemaking was chosen. Francesco Spadafora moved from the inland where the Spadafora house and land was to the Virzi to take care of the vineyards. And that has been his job ever since, he is very passionated about his wine and the homepage of the Spadafora winery reflects just that with intimate stories about the family and the wines and how these two connect. The philosophy of the Spadafora is thus very enclosed with the personal aspects of winemaking and taking care of the wines with honour and respect for the land and the traditions –  Francesco wants to tell a story with his wines.  He is very invested in the project and makes sure that the winery only uses grapes they have grown themselves and all the grapes are harvested by hand – and making wines that people like drinking.

Grapes: Syrah
Winery: Spadafora
Origin: Sicilia
Vol: 13,5%
Cl: 75
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