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Directly translated “Sinarra” means “to tell a story”. It’s a beautifully gastronomical wine and accompanies many different dishes well.

A slightly warmer version of sangiovese than we are used to, sinarra still lacks no character or acidity.

This wine is bursting with young red berries, especially cherry candy, and dusty earthiness.

Try with a classic spaghetti bolognese, but pour a bit of the wine in the sauce as well as in the glass!


The wine has been aged in cement vats, an older practice coming back into fashion, and is used to keep the maximal expression of the attributes of the sangiovese.

Organic certified, Maremma based producer. Established in 1996 it’s one of the youngest of Maremma’s big boy club. The owner, Agostino Lenci was actually a very successful footwear designer before he decided to pursue his real passion, wine.

Having received organic certification in 2011, it didn’t take Magliano a long time to decide to go for the biological one too, and the vintage of 2014 was the first one to have both.

They have a purist approach, none of their wines are filtered, and the respective grape varieties are treated with uttermost respect, highlighting their best characteristics.

Grapes: Sangiovese
Winery: Fattoria di Magliano
Origin: Tuscany
Vol: 13%
Cl: 75
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