Riveto 2015

105,00 DKK

These fine bobbles gives you a sweet kiss. This sparkling wine only holds 5% in alcohol and it is sweet with hints of mango and pineapple. This moscato has a very intense nose with elements of nectar and ripe mango. The taste gives you a palate of elderflowers, citrus and zest.

The grapes are grown on both the vineyards in Costigliole d’Asti and Bricco di Neive, and others located in Mango.
The alcoholic fermentation and subsequent secondary fermentation in pressure tanks give the wine a delicate perlage, accompanied by the classic floral and fruity sensations. On the mouth it is reminiscent of wisteria, elderflower, Bosc pears and
orange zest.


Drink this sparkling as an aperitif or with our aperitivo or drink it at the end of a meal along with sorbet.

Winery: dante rivetti
Origin: lombardy
Vol: 5%
Cl: 75cl
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