Rasott Aglianico 2011

145,00 DKK

Just below the taurasi in seriousness, the Rasott is still very serious. Like many natural wines it is a bit reductive right after opening but opens nicely up, especially when decanted. Among the aromas you’ll find figs, mulberries, leather and violets. Despite being grown in warmer climate, aglianico can reach impressive levels of acidity which makes this wine perfect for ageing. This is exactly the case for the rasott.


Well… rasott comes from Campania. What else comes from Campania? pizza! napolitan pizza! give it a go, preferably with san marzano tomatoes and mozzarella di bufala.

The rasott spends 70% of its maturation in steel and 30% in oak barrels, slightly larger than the classic barrique. Boccella don’t use cultured yeasts, only natural.

Boccella believe in the harmony of nature. Their wines are organic and made without the use of pestacides, herbacides and cultural yeasts.

The end result is a product that reflects the land around it and the people who make it.

Grapes: Aglianico
Winery: Boccella
Origin: Campania
Vol: 14%
Cl: 75
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