Quotidiano 2014

70,00 DKK

Lots and lots of berries, cherries, cherry stem, strawberries. Keep digging and you’ll find earthy and animalistic aromas; wool and pine in particular but also leafy, herbaceous and peppery notes. The wine in itself is leaning towards the lighter side but has an intense backbone of acid which makes it very food friendly.


A seriously versatile food wine but I’d suggest a wine braised shoulder piece of pork, complete with garlic, black olives and herbs, herbs herbs.

We do not know much about the quotidiano, the producer does not tell us which grape varieties or vintages are used in the blend, and quite frankly, we don’t care. some things don’t need to be analysed to be enjoyed.

this producer goes all the way to make an awesome product affordable. classified as a “vino rosso d’italia” it does not have a geographical indication, but the producer is based in tuscany.

Winery: Gattavecchi
Origin: Tuscany
Vol: 14%
Cl: 75
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