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Tasting note: A sparkling wine with a clean, pleasantly fruity bouquet, reminiscent of pear and acacia flowers. Its flavor is rounded and well-balanced.

Food matchings: Perfect as an aperitif , it is ideal with fish or cheese appetizers, or even with a meal of delicately flavored dishes.

Refermentation method: 40 days in inox tank method.


Thanks to the specific characteristics that make this area unique, grapes have been grown since the Roman age and the Republic of Venice.

The complex composition of the soil, characterized by clay, has a medium texture and is rich in minerals. It is blessed by a mild climate due to fact of its proximity to the Adriatic coast, making it particularly well suited for the production of high quality wines.

Grapes: Glera
Winery: Elusia
Origin: Veneto
Vol: 11,5
Cl: 75
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