Pinot nero DOC

190,00 DKK

The Pinot Noir of the “Langhe”. Amidst the frame of a microclimate where constant breezes gush through the vineyards, where temperatures shift deeply between night and day absent of excessive humidity. Here as far North as possible where temperatures reach their coldest point Pinot Noir have been planted.

The result is a Pinot Noir distinguished by elegance and finesse with notes of red fruits, spices and moss; of a mild structure and soft tannins. The aging process allows the soft and elegant expressions to vary.

Food matches for Pinot Noir include: Pappardelle pasta with a porcini ragu, roasted duck breast with plum sauce, seared chicken livers on toast.

Grapes: Pinot Nero
Winery: Giulia Negri
Origin: Piemonte
Vol: 13%
Cl: 75
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