Pinot Grigio

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The grapes are left to ferment on the skin and this fermentation results in a wine with a deep coppery yellow colour. The bouquet is intense and reminiscent of acacia blossoms. The wine is quite fruity when it is younger, but with age it will develop notes of dry hay, fresh walnuts and toasted almonds. It is dry and gentle, with a lingering palate of Artemisia and herbs in general.


Try this unusual  wine to cheeses or a risotto with saffron.

This wine is a natural orange wine from north of Italy. The grapes are harvested quite late and the grapes ferments on the skin and afterwards remains on the lees for 23 months before bottled.

Ronco Severo is Stefan Novello, the winery is based in Friuli Colli Orientali and Novello only makes natural wines.

Winery: Ronco Severo
Origin: Friuli
Vol: 13,5%
Cl: 75
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