Orano 2012

160,00 DKK

This sangiovese gives a completely different character to tuscan sangiovese. light in colour, getting a touch of rust as it comes into age. A slightly prickly nose, typical of natural wines, hay, vanilla and the warm, soft, sweet smell of barnyard animals. Swirl the wine in the glass a couple of rounds and cherries, tobacco and spice breaks through.

Very complex wine which keeps on developing throughout the meal. Balanced acidity and medium tannins followed up with a long finish during which all of the elements harmonise.


This is totally a food wine, and you’ll miss out if you don’t pair it with a nice meal. opening it at least an hour before consumption is absolutely mandatory, decananting it is even better.

What to drink it with? Steak, naturally. Fattier meats like duck won’t be a problem either. This is really such a versatile food wine that you can take your pick – lasagna, papardelle with chicken liver and sage – and hmm… braised haunch of venison with juniper, a touch of chocolate in the sauce and a creamy polenta to go… yum!

Orano is made from a clone of sangiovese which grows slightly smaller grapes with thinner skins, resulting in very elegant wines with slightly lower tannin than your regular sangiovese. The wine is aged for 12 months in second use french barrique of diverse levels of toast. Then the wine is blanded together in gigantic wood barrels which allows the wine to breathe.

Maria pia castelli is a small estate in Marche, a region famous for its fishermen on the east-central coast of Italy. They produce exclusively ecological and biodynamical wines and use a very low level of sulphites.

Grapes: Sangiovese
Winery: Maria Pia Castelli
Origin: Marche
Vol: 12%
Cl: 75
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