Moscato Passito

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The Muscatel grape is cut a long time before harvest and is hung and dried. At harvest, then, 1 quintal of must is taken, paying attention that it is only the first flower and taking care that it is must obtained from precious grapes such as Lacrima and Malvasia.

The must is then boiled, made to froth and reduced by a third. In the meantime, at least 15Kgs per quintal of Muscatel grapes are needed: The grapes are removed from their stalk. They are squashed and put into a barrel in which the must is poured, which, in the meantime has somewhat cooled down.

After exactly 24 hours, a bucket of raw must is poured into the same barrel in order to assist fermentation. The very sweet and perfumed nectar will be ready in the month of January.

From a manuscript dated 1910 found in a chest

Colour is amber and brilliant.

Bouquet is characteristic, intense, Muscat fragrance. Scents of honey, dried figs and exotic fruit.


It has always been like this. Without going too far back, the product and its quality were quoted by Norman Douglas, who, in 1915, in “OId Calabria”, stated: “the prosperous town of Saracena stands very nearby. For the past centuries it has been famous for its Moscato. It is obtained from grapes brought by the Saracens from Maskat”…

Grapes: Malvasia, Guarnaccia, Odoraca, Moscato.
Winery: Feudo dei San Severino
Origin: Calabria
Vol: 16%
Cl: 375ml
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