Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2013

120,00 DKK

Black cherries, plums and the smell of late afternoon orchards. The acidity is in charge from the start, backed by a juicy fruit and fine tannins. That acidity carries the wine through to a very clean, dry finish adding to the drinkability and food pairing options.


This montepulciano is a classic rustic italian matter, drinking perfectly out in a field somewhere with your toes digging into the earth.

Hugely versatile – this works just great with mother restaurant food. You could go pasta al forgo, cannelloni, chicken cacciatorre or strong cheeses like taleggio.

The ageing process starts off in stainless steel vats to stabilise and round off the wine, and then gets moved to oak barrels for 8 months. we recommend decanting, or at least opening the bottle 2-3 hours before consumption.

Grapes: Motepulciano
Winery: Pasetti
Origin: Abruzzo
Vol: 13,5%
Cl: 75
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