Limen Bianco

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Riesling renano, a vine of good vigor and rather constant production, originating from the valleys of the Rhine, and of the Moselle, first spread in Alsace, in Austria and then in Italy, which in our case is produced by a guyot-trained vine in the Val del Sarca, on a medium-sized calcareous soil with a planting density of 7,500 plants / ha, with a yield of 800 g / vine, a prodromal of great quality.

The harvest is manual and the grapes, after a natural fresh night, are gently pressed the next day. The must, separated from the skins and naturally decanted, is fermented for about 10 days. Drained and matured on the steel lees for a year. The wine, defined poetically by Giuliano “Limpido come il Martino”, the son, is of a beautiful straw yellow with crystalline reflections, dry, fresh in the mouth, of good minerality to be tasted in large glasses to carefully browse the semi-aromatic scents, fruited together with the floral ones of the mountain meadows.


The company is a small Trentino company linked to love for the land. The vines are cradled by biodynamic cultivation that follows the natural rhythms of plant life and the slow passing of the seasons. A philosophy still little known and still largely to be rationalized.

The production of the small Trentino company is clear and simple: 3,000 bottles of only two wines: the white Limen and the red Limen.

Grapes: Riesling
Winery: Giuliano Micheletti
Origin: Trentino
Vol: 12,5%
Cl: 75
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