Langhe Bianco 2015

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A marriage of love – and of taste it has to be said – between Chardonnay and Arneis. The cellar’s youngest label is aged sur lie for 8 months to add very real traces of elder blossom, and yellow pulp and citrus fruit to its bouquet. On the mouth it is elegant, though it is also blessed with just enough volume of flavour to ensure it has great pairing ability.Very fresh on both nose and palate, quite aromatic for these grape varieties. Citrus, green pears, green apples, elderberries. A very clear cut fresh chardonnay, with just enough arneis to make the freshness peak. it’s green, green, green, in the good way. Think apples, and these small juicy pears. Nice long finish with a citrusy aftertaste.


The Rivettis themselves suggest, a spring omelette with zucchini and mint. We go nuts about this wine paired with fresh oysters and a nice vinagrette.

A blend of chardonnay and the local arneis. The wine lies sur lie for a minimum of eight months for rounding up.

Grapes: Chardonnay Arneis
Winery: Dante Rivetti
Origin: Piemonte
Vol: 12,5%
Cl: 75
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