Heba 2013

115,00 DKK

Bright, red fruit on the nose – cherries, plums, redcurrant with a hint of dried flowers and smokiness. Colour is a light ruby red. beautifully clean and lively palate with cherry fruit balanced by a very attractive, slightly bitter edge.


The heba is a multi-purpose red, you can drink on an everyday basis without getting bored of it. The acidity will handle a cotoletta all milanese (or a weiner schnitzel/cordon bleu, anything fried in bredcrumbs.) a chicken roasted with rosemary and garlic potatoes (and anything cooked in rosemary will be good).

This wine has been aged in egg-shaped cement tanks, an older practise coming back into fashion. It preserves the fruit aromas of the wine extremely well, keeps the temperature regulated and adds a touch of minerality. The absence of oak deliveres a very pure style.

Organic certified, maremma based producer. Established in 1996 it’s one of the youngest of maremma’s big boy club. the owner, Agostino Lenci was actually a very successful footwear designer before he decided to pursue his real passion, wine.

Having received organic certification in 2011, it didn’t take Magliano a long time to decide to go for the biological one too, and the vintage of 2014 was the first one to have both.

They have a purist approach, none of their wines are filtered, and the respective grape varieties are treated with uttermost respect, highlighting their best characteristics.

Grapes: Sangioves, Syrah
Winery: Fattoria di Magliano
Origin: Tuscany
Vol: 13%
Cl: 75
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