Grillo Verde

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The Grillo Verde is an outstanding wine from Sicily. It is full-bodied and full of notes of walnuts and ripened apples. This wine recalls a dry sherry or a dry marsala, with a nose of ripened apples and honey. In the taste you will find the dryness reminiscent of walnuts and oak. Additionally, you will also find a nice acidity balance. This wine is very unique with lots of character.


This wine is very well suited for a wide range of food. It will pair perfectly with our aperitivo, cheeses and a powerful fish soup.

The Grillo Verde is an orange wine from Ssicily. The wine ferments naturally and is left with the skin from the grapes for 5-10 days, thus making it an orange wine and of course it is all natural.

Grapes: Grillo
Winery: Badalucco
Origin: Sicilia
Vol: 14,5%
Cl: 75
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