Grillo Bio

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The colour of this Sicilian beauty is straw yellow with some clea green highlights. It has a fresh and aromatic nose. The Grillo grape has a typical Sicilian fragrance, with hints of spices, such as cloves. The taste is also quite crispy with a minerality to it, you can also find some spicy notes in the taste along with white fruit aromas.

A first part is harvested in the second half of August and a second part in the first half of September, to have different acidity and sugar conditions.


Starters, seafood and fish. Also recommended for our Aperitivo. Try it with semi-soft cheeses.

Biological certified, ageing: 12 months in vats and 4 months in bottles

Grapes: Grillo
Winery: Spadafora
Origin: Sicily
Vol: 13,5%
Cl: 75
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