Amorino 2010

150,00 DKK

The nose hits you with blackberries and blackcurrant. There are earthy, green elements like twigs and the smell of sweet marzipan.

The wine has a nice, dry mouthfeel and good acid. The palate continues on with blackberries and blackcurrant, and you’ll feel some liquorice and spice in there as well. this is a full body, but lean and juicy wine.

Taste is very structured to the palate, full bodied and rich, with harmonious and elegant tannins. Long after taste finish, intense and persistent, with notes of preserved fruits and spices.


Schnitzel with blackberry jam is right on the money with this one.

100% Montepulciano grape from Abruzzo. The grapes are harvested just a few days later than usual, resaulting in slightly higher sugar concentration, giving nicely structured wines, with moderately high alcohol.

Grapes: Montepulciano D'Abruzzo
Winery: Castorani
Origin: Abruzzo
Vol: 14%
Cl: 75
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