Alkè Nero D’Avola 2013

90,00 DKK

Intense fragrance of damson plums, sugared raspberries and redcurrant. relatively light and both fresh and fruity with surprisingly prominent tannins and noticable acid for such a warm climate.

alké is a very direct expression of the grape and it’s qualities.


An all-around wine, so one thats good to have at home to reach for to go with middle-of-the-week meals. works well with red meats and not-to-gamey game.
This wine has seen only steel and bottle, so it keeps its floral and fruity freshness.

Antichi vinai is a relatively small, family owned business, with their production solely on the island of sicily.

Grapes: Nero d'Avola
Winery: Antichi Vinai
Origin: Sicily
Vol: 14%
Cl: 75
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