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Organic Sourdough Pizzas

  • Marinara
    Marinara 85

    Tomato, fresh oregano and basil, a sprinkle of parmesan, black olives and anchovies

  • Mother's Margherita
    Mother's Margherita 105

    Tomato, mozzarella, roasted cherry tomatoes and basil

  • Salamina
    Salamina 120

    Tomato, mozzarella, salame, and mascarpone

  • Carminuccio
    Carminuccio 120

    Tomato, fresh oregano and basil, organic smoked bacon, parmesan and pecorino romano

  • Capricciosa
    Capricciosa 140

    Tomato, mozzarella, ham, artichokes, champignon, olives and a fried egg.

  • Cinque Formaggi
    Cinque Formaggi 130

    Mozarella, gorgonzola, provola affumicata, pecorino and parmesan

  • Prosciutto
    Prosciutto 130

    Tomato, mozarella, rucola, pesto e prosciutto di Cornicchia​

  • Burrata
    Burrata 140

    Tomato, rucola, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil

Freshly baked panini (until 15.00)

  • Prosciutto
    Prosciutto 60

    Prosciutto di Norcia, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, pesto and rucola

  • Goat's cheese
    Goat's cheese 70

    Goat's cheese, butternut squash, pickled red onions, pesto, rucola and cherry tomatoes

Red Wines

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Sicilian wine tasting
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swinging brunch
Every Saturday & Sunday throughout the year, our (almost legendary) Italian-style brunch is on from 11am to 3pm.
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aperitivo alla milanese
The team cooks dishes and specialties they have grown up with in the respective areas of Italy that they come from in our open kitchen, including our signature sourdough pizzas. All while you can enjoy a nice glass of wine. The selection includes many vegetarian options.
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