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What about a julefrokost in your own space in Indre By?

A well explained wine tasting and some nice homemade Italian specialties maybe? (Don’t worry indulging would be allowed)

Food for your party catered to your o ce, at home, on the park?

Or maybe you have food ready and you just need a location for your event (we bring the wine, though 😉 At Mother Wine we take fun very, very seriously and we would like you to play with the idea of organising you next event together with us.

We have a town house right in the middle of the town that can be put to your availability for any of these activities.

We have been importing wine directly from Italy for the last 7 years, and our direct contact with the producers is our guarantee that you will have something good, real and also new. Because to reduce Italian wine to Amarone, Barolo, Brunello – which we of course love and have too – is just not fun enough! At the shop we can also help you nd the right bottles for company gifts or something to bring home and share.

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On the food side we have been in Copenhagen for 6 years with a very successful and down to earth restaurant called (guess?) Mother in Kødbyen, where we have been making thousands of people happy in-door, outdoor, for their wedding, birthdays, celebrations – providing just what they needed: quality food as a Mother would prepare it; (real) honest, tasty, and never overpriced.

At Mother Wine in town we have three floors to host you guys. The open plan kitchen upstairs gives you the chance to be part of the cooking and the room itself can accommodate up to 30 people. It is informal and classy at the same time.
If you are more people than that we have more space in our cellar.

For seating and mingling you can be up to 60 people comfortably in the whole house.
That’s what we do every week for our “Aperitivo alla Milanese” (check it out), maybe something like that is what you are looking for…?