195,00 DKK

Late harvest, amazing aromas of yellow fruits. The color is a beautiful gold-amber. On the nose it has a clear aroma of dried fig and dates, honey and citrus fruits. The taste is supple and the fine sugar concentration pleasing.


 After an initial harvest mid-September, from which the grapes are used in the production of Roero Arneis, 4-5 bunches are left per vine to continue to mature until mid- to late October. From October to December, the bunches are left to dry on gratings, and are pressed and fermented before maturing small wooden casks for one year. Recommended with cheeses while served at a temperature of 17° C; or with cookies, biscotti, and chocolate at around 12-13° C.

Grapes: Arneis
Winery: Cascina Chicco
Origin: Piemonte
Vol: 12,5%
Cl: 37
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